about qasm

Queer [as fuck] Artists Social Media offers website design, photography, social media management and training, and event coordination for queer, and not-so-queer, authors, musicians, visual artists, and others. No project is too small.

QASM was created by Juno Rosenhaus in 2017 after an author friend asked for paid assistance with social media and website design for the launch of her new book. Juno combined these services with event coordination and photography, and a new queer business was born.



 Photo by Ellyce Moselle

Photo by Ellyce Moselle

Juno Rosenhaus is a portrait, art, and documentary photographer, website creator, andro-queer feminist, anti-racist/anti-fascist activist, and drummer. She is based in Philadelphia and Oakland and is ready to work with you no matter where in the world you're located. 

Juno Rosenhaus Photography

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